Dmca is your home for the best dmca tools and dmca takedowns on the internet. protecting content like websites, nft's, photos, videos, ebooks, apps and more. checkout our newly updated dmca dashboard. protect your website today. over 465 million assets protected & 85 million badges delivered daily!. Safe harbors and the notice and takedown system. overview. in the late 1990s, congress recognized the legal uncertainty facing the nascent internet industry resulting from online service providers’ potential legal liability for copyright infringement that occurred on their services. Be prepared. the information needed for dmca is the same information needed for nearly all takedown notice requests regardless of legal country and legal jurisdiction. Edelman v. n2h2. in july 2002, american civil liberties union filed a lawsuit on the behalf of benjamin edelman, a computer researcher at berkman center for internet and society, seeking a declaratory judgment to affirm his first amendment rights when reverse engineering the censorware product of defendant n2h2 in case he intended to publish the finding. Remember, the dmca was a response to the internet treaties, which were agreed upon by the un. that means that most un membership countries have some form internet copyright law in place.